6 Reasons Why your Teeth are Sensitive

November 22nd, 2015DENTAL PREVENTIONComments:0

Do you experience pain from sensitive teeth? Here are the main culprits why you have to deal with the discomfort.

Teeth grinding

teeth grinding

Grinding your teeth causes the enamel to be worn away, causing sensitive teeth.

Acidic food and drinks

acidic fruits

Do you love to eat and drink acidic food & beverages? Your teeth will suffer from even more sensitivity if you do not cut back on these food and drinks.

Forceful tooth brushing

gentle tooth brush

Teeth enamel can also be worn away by vigorous tooth brushing methods.

Plaque buildup

teeth plaque

The buildup of plaque between your teeth and gum line can also wear away tooth enamel.

Damaged teeth

damaged teeth

Cracks, damage, or chips on your teeth will cause sensitivity problems, and result to discomfort.

Receding gums

bad breath gums

Gum recession causes the tooth roots to be exposed, and this in turn results to pain due to sensitivity.

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