6 Natural Remedies for Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are symptoms of gum disease. If your gums bleed, you should visit your dentist as soon as possible to get the necessary gum treatment. Here are some natural remedies you can try to help you with your bleeding gum problem, but make sure that you will still go to your dentist!

Gargle with warm saltwater

warm saltwater

A warm saltwater solution has antibacterial properties that can help with gum problems.

Chew raw vegetables

chew raw vegetables

Chewing on crunchy vegetables can strengthen your gums, and may help with the bleeding by improving blood circulation. However, make sure that you stay away from the bleeding area when you start chewing on the raw veggies to avoid further injuries.

Drink your milk


Milk is rich in calcium, which promotes teeth and gum health. Drinking milk can help strengthen your gums to be able to fight gum disease.

Use extra virgin olive oil

olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil has great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Swishing a tablespoon of this type of olive oil can help with the bleeding and inflammation of gums.

Rub honey on gums


Although it is naturally sweet, honey is good for the gums because of the antibacterial properties. Rubbing some honey on your gums may help stop the bleeding and inflammation.

Peppermint oil products


Peppermint oil promotes good gum and teeth health. Look for toothpaste or mouthwash products with peppermint oil, which can help with your bleeding gum problem.

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