6 Most Common Types of Smiles – and What They Mean

You can look at a person’s smile to interpret his or her thoughts and feelings at a given moment.

Lopsided Smile

smiles lopsided

This is when one side of the mouth is upturned, and the other side tends to go downward. This kind of smile may convey mixed or conflicting emotions.

Tight-Lipped Smile

smile tight lipped

Lips are stretched into a smile without showing any teeth. This smile may be used to mask feelings and thoughts, and can be seen as a smile that hides a number of secrets.


smile smirk

This is like a tight-lipped smile that looks deeply self-satisfied. It conveys arrogance, pride, and may be accompanied by a smug stance.

Fake Smile

smile fake


Made by pulling back the lips from the teeth, this forced smile usually does not reach the eyes. A fake smile may be used as a cover-up for embarrassing situations, or to convey forced courtesy.

Drop-Jaw Smile

smile jaw drop

A big smile characterised by the opening of the mouth (as the jaw is dropped). This smile suggests amusement or playfulness; it is often used by politicians and celebrities to reach out to their audience.

Genuine Smile

smile genuine

This is a full-blown smile that generally makes other people want to happily smile back. The lips are stretched, teeth are shown, and the skin around the eyes crinkles with complete joy or amusement.

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