6 Interesting Facts about Dental Implants

Here are some interesting facts you might not know yet about dental implants:

Ancient implants used sea shells

sea shells implants

The Mayan civilisation used sea shells as dental implants, as seen when the remains of a Mayan woman were dug up showing sea shells embedded into her jawbone.

Implants do not decay

implant care

A dental implant will never decay. However, proper oral care is still needed to ensure that gum disease do not damage the tissue surrounding (and protecting) the implants.

Implants strengthen the jawbone

implants strong jawbone

The titanium material of implants integrates with the surrounding bone tissue, and help the jawbone become even stronger.

Material used for dental implants is used for space shuttles

implants space shuttle

The high-grade titanium

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(which is non-toxic and non-corrosive) used in creating dental implants is also used to make space shuttles and other military aircraft.

Your bite becomes stronger with implants

implants stronger bite

When you have implants, your bite becomes much stronger compared to those who wear removable dentures. This means that you can bite on your favourite food items just like when you still had your natural, healthy teeth.

An implant can prevent other teeth from shifting

implants prevent shifting

The space left by one missing tooth can cause the other teeth to shift. Replacing the single lost tooth with an implant and a crown can prevent your other teeth from shifting to an unnatural position.