6 Habits that Prevent Gum Disease

These are habits that can help you avoid gum disease, so you can enjoy your beautiful, healthy smiles for a longer period of time.

Brush teeth regularly

sensitive teeth brushing

Regular tooth brushing removes the dirt and food debris on the surface of the teeth. Keeping the teeth surfaces clean reduces the risk of dental problems.

Floss regularly


Dental floss is helpful in removing food debris from between the teeth and the gum line, which tooth brushing may not remove.

Avoid brushing teeth to hard

toothbrush strokes

Brushing your teeth too hard can harm the gums, and may lead to the exposure of the tooth roots.

Visit your dentist regularly


Regular dental checkups and hygiene appointments are helpful in detecting early gum disease symptoms. Your dentist will be able to give the corresponding treatment before the gum problem can worsen further.

Enjoy a balanced diet

balanced diet

Load up on green, leafy vegetables, as well as vitamin C-rich food items that can help boost your immune system; this is to improve your body’s ability to fight infections, such as those that can harm your gums.

Control teeth grinding habits

teeth grinding

Teeth grinding can place unnecessary pressure on your gums. Check on relaxation exercises to manage stress, and ask your dentist about other treatment options to control teeth grinding.

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