6 Factors that Cause Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers cause a lot of pain and discomfort, especially when there a lot of these sores inside your mouth. It is beneficial to know about what causes mouth sores to develop, so you will know what to do to avoid this painful dental problem.

Loose dentures

Mouth ulcers develop when loose dentures repeatedly rub against the gums or the inner cheek lining.

Food allergies

Allergic reactions to certain food items can cause inner mouth irritations, which can lead to mouth sores.

Too hot or too spicy food/drinks

Your tongue, gums, or inner mouth lining can be irritated when consume something that is too hot or too spicy. These irritations may pave the way for mouth ulcers to develop.

Accidentally biting on inner cheek or tongue

The trauma caused by accidentally biting on your tongue or inner cheek can lead to painful sores.

Aggressive tooth brushing

When you brush your teeth aggressively, you have a tendency to hit your gums or inner cheek. The resulting injury or trauma can easily develop into mouth sores.


A weakened immune system due to stress can make your mouth susceptible to infections, and to mouth ulcers.

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