6 Common Triggers of Dental Anxiety

Are you a nervous patient? Here are some of the things that most commonly trigger a dental anxiety reaction in patients.

Pain (or the idea of it)

fear of pain

The idea of going through a painful experience is a common dental anxiety trigger.

Facing the needle

needle injection

Those who have a fear of needles will feel even more anxious about the upcoming dental procedure.

The dental drill

drill image

The appearance and most especially the drilling sounds are closely associated with pain, so the presence of a dental drill may be enough to make a person experience dental phobia.

Previous bad experience

fear of dentists

A previous painful or bad experience can trigger dental anxiety.

Dental clinic sounds and smells

dental clinic

Sounds and smells associated with dental clinics may trigger negative emotions, especially if previous bad experiences are involved.

Treatment cost

treatment cost

Dental treatments are perceived to be expensive. Thinking about the cost, and how to pay for the treatments, can make a person feel extremely anxious.

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