6 Common Causes of Teeth Discolouration

Teeth stains and discolourations can cause your smile to become unattractive. Here are the most common culprits that cause your teeth to lose their natural brightness:

Poor oral hygiene

The brightness of your teeth will suffer if you do not brush your teeth, and if you do not take care of your overall dental health.

Teeth-staining food and beverages

Food and drinks that stain the teeth include coffee, tea, soda, red wine, curries, and berries.

Tobacco use

Smoking and using tobacco products will cause unsightly teeth discolourations.


Antibiotics such as doxycycline and tetracycline may discolour teeth, especially if prescribed to children whose teeth are still on the development stage.

Dental fillings

Amalgam fillings can lend a grayish hue to the affected teeth.


Teeth may naturally take on a darker or yellowish hue when a person gets older.

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