5 Ways to Prepare for Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are considered to be the last resort, when no other treatment can be done to save a tooth. Here are some tips to help you better prepare for a tooth extraction.

Get plenty of rest before the procedure


Your body will need its strength for the extraction, especially in cases when more than one tooth needs to be removed.

Brush your teeth


Brushing your teeth will make sure that your mouth is clean, and will prevent the feeling of embarrassment that the dentist will see food debris – or smell something foul – when you have your mouth opened.

Consider nervous patient care options

nervous patient extraction

If you feel anxious about the extraction, ask your dentist about the available nervous patient care options, such as conscious sedation. This will help you be anxiety-free during the procedure.

Wait for the anesthetic to do its magic


Do not worry about the pain. An anesthetic will be injected into extraction area to make it numb. It may take a few minutes for the anesthetic to work and make the area numb, before the tooth can be extracted painlessly.

Listen to your dentist’s instructions afterward

dentist instruction

Your dentist will give you instructions after your tooth is extracted. Listen carefully about the dos and don’ts to make your recovery quicker and to prevent complications.

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