5 Ways to Have a Younger-Looking Smile

Your smile can quickly brighten your face, and can be the basis for how young or old-looking you appear to others. Here are a few tips on how you can quickly make your face, and your smile, look a lot younger.

Whiten your teeth

Stained or yellowed teeth will make you look a lot older. Professional teeth whitening can instantly transform your smile into a younger-looking one.

Get enough beauty rest

A tired smile and face will look old and unhealthy. Make sure that you get plenty of rest and sleep to recharge your whole body, and to bring back the youthful glow to your face.


Stress is easily reflected on your face. Try to relax and forget about the stressful things in your life – even for a few hours a day. A stress-free face (and smile) is a youthful face!

Use lip gloss

For women, lipstick is a staple cosmetic item. But using lip gloss (alone, or on top of the lipstick) can give your face an instant glow, and can transform your already bright smile into a more dazzling one.

Drink plenty of water

Your facial skin will suffer from dryness, wrinkles, and unsightly folds if your body is dehydrated. Keep your face (and your whole body) looking supple, smooth, and young-looking by drinking plenty of water.

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