5 Ways to Enjoy the Holiday Season with Dental Braces

December 8th, 2014Oral Health CareComments:0

If you wear orthodontic braces, you can still enjoy the holidays (and the feasts involved) by exercising caution, and following these tips:

Avoid the crunchy and sticky treats

nuts choco

Avoid eating chewy, crunchy, or sticky food items such as caramel, nuts, and taffy. These treats may taste heavenly, but they can damage your braces (and your teeth).

Choose food items wisely


Avoid food items that will force you to bite on them, such as corn on the cob or a huge sandwich with hard bread. Choose dishes that have meat or vegetables you can cut, so you can put the food in your mouth without damaging your braces.

Go for soft dessert items

ice cream

You can still enjoy your dessert by choosing thinly-sliced fruits, peanut butter cups, ice cream, or small chocolate pieces that melt in your mouth.

Brush your teeth and clean your braces regularly

braces cleaning


Don’t deviate from your regular oral hygiene routine just because of the holiday season. Make sure that you keep your mouth and orthodontic braces clean.

Keep your orthodontic appointments

braces clean

Even during the holiday season, you need to keep your orthodontic appointments so your treatment will still be on track.

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