5 Ways to Clean your Mouth Guard

A mouth guard is used to protect your teeth and mouth during sports activities. Your mouth guard or night guard also protects your teeth against the harmful effects of teeth grinding while you sleep. Here are ways to keep the mouth guard clean.

Use another toothbrush


You can use a regular toothbrush to clean the mouth guard, but it is advisable not to use the one you use to clean your teeth.

Handle with care

mouth guard

While cleaning, handle the mouth guard carefully to avoid damaging it.

Gently brush with warm water


Use warm water to gently brush away dirt o food debris that may be caught on the night guard.

Do not use toothpaste

handwash hand soap

Dishwashing soap or antibacterial hand soap is best used to clean the mouth guard.

Rinse thoroughly

water wash

Make sure that all of the soap is rinsed off.

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