5 Visible Signs of a Healthy Mouth

Do you have a healthy mouth? Aside from going to the dentist and having your teeth and mouth checked, here are visible signs to look for when checking if your mouth is as healthy as you want it to be.

Strong, white teeth

strong white teeth

White and strong teeth signify a good oral health condition. The appearance of white teeth also contributes to a beautiful smile.

Healthy gums

healthy gums

Healthy gums look firm and pink. Gums that look swollen and red may point to the presence of gum disease.

Proper teeth alignment

straigh teeth

Proper teeth alignment does not only affect the appearance of the smile, it also affects the overall function of the teeth as they come together.

Healthy mouth tissues

healthy mouth

The inner parts of the mouth, including the tongue, palate, and inner mouth lining should be healthy and free of sores or other infections.

Teeth restorations in good conditions

healthy dental implant

Do you have teeth restorations such as dental fillings, dental crowns, dental implants, or a dental bridge? The condition of these restorations is also a reflection of the condition of your oral health.

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