5 Tips to Quit Soda Drinking over the Holidays

Yes, it is possible to quit your soda-drinking habit even over the holiday season! Here are some helpful tips to jumpstart your way to a healthier lifestyle which will also keep your smiles safe from damage.

Take baby steps

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If you think quitting soda drinking cold turkey is not possible, you can start with decreasing your consumption slowly, over a period of a few days/weeks. Do this until you consume almost no soda on a daily basis, in which time you can stop altogether.

Quit cold turkey

Sometimes something drastic works. However, quitting cold turkey will require a conscious and tremendous effort, and only you can decide if this will work best for you.

Go for flavoured water

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If you are not fond of drinking plain water, add some flavourings such as lemon and other fruits, or mint.

Try sparkling water

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You can still have the carbonated fizz you crave even if you don’t drink soda. Sparkling water can give you the carbonated fix you want, without the harmful high sugar content that can damage your teeth.

Try healthier caffeine alternatives

tea green

If it’s the caffeine fix you need, you can try drinking green tea instead.

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