5 Tips to Control a Sweet Tooth

Do you have an uncontrollable sweet tooth? You might want to check the tips below to curb your sugar cravings.

Give in – but not too much!


You can satisfy an intense craving for, say, a cookie by taking a small bite but not devouring the whole piece. This way, you will not feel too deprived.

Go for fruits instead

fruit popsicles

When you are craving chocolates or other sugary goodies, you can reach for a piece of fruit instead, which is a healthier substitute.

Start moving


When the urge to indulge hits, you should start moving around to keep your mind off the craving. Walking around or doing simple household chores can distract you from reaching for another piece of sugar-loaded treat.

Chew gum


Chewing on a piece of gum may satisfy your urge for something sweet.

Try food combinations

apple fruit

Try combining your indulgent treat with a healthier one, such as chocolate sauce and fruits.

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