5 Tips for Proper Denture Care

October 14th, 2014Oral Health CareComments:0

Do you use dentures? The tips below will show you how to properly take care of your dentures so you can enjoy their use for a longer period of time.

Handle with care

Your dentures are not unbreakable, and they are most probably not inexpensive. Avoid using toothpicks to clean your dentures, and clean them with a brush over a bowl of water or a soft cloth so that any accidental falls will not result in a broken pair of dentures.

Clean them regularly

Your dentures are still susceptible to bacteria buildup even if they are not real teeth. Stains can also affect them if they are not cleaned properly. Clean your dentures everyday with a soft-bristled brush and mildly-abrasive toothpaste, mild dishwashing soap, or hand soap.

Remove your dentures

Your dentures need to take a break. Make sure that you remove them from your mouth for six to eight hours daily for a much-needed break, and also to let your mouth tissues recover from wearing these dental appliances.

Give them a good soak

When you remove your dentures, soak them in denture cleanser solution, or a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water – only if they do not have metal parts. If you dentures have metal parts, you can soak them in a warm water solution to remove bacteria buildup and stains.

Take care of your gums

Your gums serve as a secure base for your dentures, and most of the time bear the brunt of the forces exerted by your artificial teeth. Keep your gums healthy with proper oral hygiene and good nutrition so you can enjoy healthy denture use for a longer period of time.

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