5 Tips for Helping Children Overcome Dental Fear

Is your child nervous about going to the dentist? Here are some tips to help your child become overcome dental fear.

Set a good, calm example

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Children often mimic what their parents do and feel. Your child can mirror your feelings if you are feeling anxious, so do your best to be as relaxed as possible yourself, when you take your child to the dentist.

Explain the dental visit in simple terms

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As you prepare to go to the dentist, you can explain the need for the checkup to your child. Be careful and use simple terms when you are explaining, so that your child does not feel overwhelmed with the unknown.

Avoid negative terms

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When talking to your child about going to the dentist, avoid using negative terms such as “pain”, “injections”, “shots”, and “needles”. These terms may instill fear about the dental visit in your child, even if there is nothing to be afraid of.

Let the dentists and dental staff help with calming your child

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It is normal for your child to become fussy when in an unfamiliar place. Let the dentists and the staff in the dental clinic help you in keeping your child relaxed. These professionals have had experience in dealing with younger children, and may be better at keeping your child calm in the dental clinic setting.

Do not use bribery

Women showing her shopping bags after her purchase on an isolated white background

Women showing her shopping bags after her purchase on an isolated white background

Promising a treat or a gift in exchange for going to the dentist can make your child think that the checkup is something difficult to do (hence, the treat afterwards). Rewards once in a while, or praise after the checkup, can yield more positive responses in the long run.

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