5 Tips for Better Dental Implant Recovery

You can have a better and shorter recovery period after getting dental implants by following the tips listed below.

Manage the bleeding

implant recovery bleeding

Use constant pressure by applying a gauze pad to stop the bleeding in the surgical area.


implant recovery relax

The bleeding can be controlled, and your overall recovery hastened, if you relax and avoid strenuous activities right after the implant surgery.

Manage pain with prescribed medications

pain implant recovery

When the anaesthetic wears off, you can manage the pain by taking the pain medication prescribed by the dentist.

Stick to soft diet and liquids

soft diet

Stick to a soft diet and liquids in the days immediately following the implant placement. Avoid using the area where the implant is located for chewing, for the first week after the surgery.

Maintain good oral hygiene

warm saltwater

Clean your mouth by very gently swishing (not gargling) a warm saltwater rinse. You can brush the rest of your teeth, and avoid the area where the implant is placed.

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