5 Things to Think About Before Getting Braces

Are you thinking of getting braces? Here are some things you need to think about as you decide about your orthodontic treatment.

You need an orthodontist

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Your dentist may know how to put on braces, but you will need an orthodontist’s special training and skills for your dental braces treatment. It is best to let an orthodontist oversee your orthodontic treatment.

Adults can still have braces

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You can still have braces as an adult – there is no age limit when it comes to orthodontic treatment. You can even opt for discreet adult braces that let you straighten your teeth without the embarrassment of metal braces.

The braces will hurt at first

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As the braces initially move your teeth, it is normal for you to feel pain and pressure. However, this discomfort usually passes after a few weeks.

Good oral hygiene will still be important

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Having your teeth straightened doesn’t give you an excuse to neglect your oral health! Good oral hygiene habits are even more important to protect the investment you made when you decided on getting orthodontic braces.

Costs and treatment times may vary

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The time it takes for the treatment to be completed, and the cost involved in your orthodontic treatment, may vary from one orthodontist to another depending on a number of factors. You can get free consultations from a few orthodontists and compare which one will give you the best treatment and deal.

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