5 Signs that you May Need a Root Canal

A root canal treatment solves the problem of an infected tooth pulp. This treatment may be the last chance to save your tooth from being extracted. How do you know if you need a root canal? Aside from having the need for this treatment confirmed by your dentist, here are some signs that may point to an infection in the tooth pulp.

Pain when biting or chewing

painful biting

The presence of pain may signify an infected tooth pulp, and may be a sign that the tooth roots are affected as well.

Sharp pain when eating or drinking something hot or cold

sharp pain

Tooth sensitivity may be caused by damage to the tooth structure, and the pulp underneath.

Swollen gums

gums swollen

If there is swelling in the gums, the affected tooth may already be infected.

The presence of pus

pus present

An abscess in the tooth and gum area is a clear sign that infection is present.

Tooth darkening

decayed damaged tooth

Teeth have a tendency to become darker in appearance if the pulp underneath is infected.

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