5 Reasons Why you have Toothache

Do you have tooth pain? Here are the most common causes of your toothache:

Tooth decay

tooth decay

Your aching tooth may be decayed, and may be asking for the help of an urgent trip to your dentist.

Gum problem

gums swollen

The pain that you feel may actually be coming from your gums. The discomfort can radiate to neighbouring teeth especially if there is an infection and abscess present in the gums.

Damaged teeth

decayed damaged tooth

A crack or chip on the surface of your tooth, which may not readily be visible to you, may be causing the pain.

Sensitive teeth

sensitive tooth

Teeth sensitivity can cause a sharp pain or discomfort, especially after coming into contact with something extremely hot or cold.

Damaged tooth filling


Your tooth will feel pain if the filling protecting the cavity is damaged, causing the sensitive inner parts to be susceptible to the slightest change in temperature, or pressure.

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