5 Problems Caused by Impacted Wisdom Teeth

A wisdom tooth is any one of the upper or lower third molars, which usually erupt from the gum line between the ages of 17-21 (when the individual supposedly has enough wisdom in life). Problems start when these teeth are impacted and do no grow out from under the gum line. Here are some complications that result from impacted wisdom teeth.


toothache (2)

Severe pain is commonly associated with an impacted wisdom tooth. This occurs when the tooth pushes against the neighbouring teeth, and when the tooth becomes decayed.

Improper oral hygiene

poor oral hygiene

An impacted tooth cannot be cleaned properly if it does not come out from under the gum line.

Tooth decay

decayed teeth

If the tooth is not cleaned properly, it may eventually become decayed in a very painful way.

Tooth abscess

dental abscess

A badly decayed tooth can become infected and abscessed if not removed early enough from under the gum line.

Teeth crowding

teeth crowding

As the impacted tooth pushes sideways, the other neighbouring teeth are pushed together and become crowded

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