5 Negative Effects of Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is normal for babies, and may be their own way of soothing their feelings. However, this habit can cause problems if continued at an age when permanent teeth are growing (or have already erupted from under the gum line). Here are the negative side effects of thumb sucking:

Development of an overbite

thumsbucking overbite

Thumb sucking can cause the upper teeth to be pushed outward, causing an overbite.

Deformities on the roof of the mouth

Baby with finger in mouth looking the camera in a white isolated background

The roof of the mouth may become deformed with forceful and long-term thumb sucking.

Speech problems

speech problem

Problems with speech may result when the thumb sucking negatively affects the teeth alignment.

Spread of germs

germs school

Constant sucking of the thumb will increase the risk of germs spreading, especially to other children in a school setting.

Risk of being bullied or teased

Rear view of young basketball player holding ball under his leg and and looking through fence

A school-age child who still does thumb sucking will be more susceptible to teasing and to being bullied by other children.

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