5 Natural Ways to Treat Swollen Lips

Swollen lips may be caused by allergic reactions or trauma to the soft lip/mouth tissue. Here are some natural remedies to help speed up the recovery of your lips so you can have your beautiful smile back. Here are natural ways to treat swollen lips.

Cold compress

lip cold

Place an ice pack or cold compress on the affected area to ease the swelling.

Tea bag


Placing a cool tea bag (after soaking in warm water) on the swollen lip can do wonders in relieving the discomfort and swelling.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera

This is especially helpful if the lip swells because of an allergic reaction, or because of insect bites. Applying the aloe vera gel directly on the lip greatly eases the discomfort and bruising.



Apply honey directly to the lips and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water, and repeat a few times throughout the day.

Warm compress

lips sore

Apply a warm compress alternately with the cold compress to bring down the swelling of the lips. However, do not use a warm compress if the lip has a cut, or if the skin is broken.

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