5 Interesting Historical Facts about Teeth

Here are some facts that can make you appreciate your teeth – and modern dentistry – a lot better.

Barbers and blacksmiths used to do “dental work”

blacksmith barber

Back in the days when there were no licensed dentists yet, barbers and blacksmiths (and others who had the tools and strength) were the ones who pulled teeth out.

Mayan tooth jewellery


The Mayans were most likely the first ones to put jewellery on their teeth. Small holes were made on teeth, and these https://healthsavy.com holes were fitted with gemstones.

Egyptians as first toothpaste users

first toothpaste

Egyptians were said to use a paste to clean their teeth, as far back as 5000 BC.

Earliest dentures


Etruscans from northern Italy were said to have created dentures using bone and ivory, as early as 500 BC.

The first toothbrush: literally made in China


The bristles of the first toothbrush, made in 1498 in China, were made of hog’s neck’s coarse hairs.

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