5 Home Remedies for TMJ Pain

Do you suffer from TMJ pain? There are some steps you can do in the comfort of your own home, to manage the pain caused by TMJ problems.

Apply heat or cold


Use hot or cold compress (not at the same time) on the painful area of your jaw. The heat or cold will work on easing the discomfort.

Gentle exercises

TMJ exercise

Gently exercising your jaw may help in alleviating the pain of a TMJ disorder. Massaging the area gently can also help with the discomfort.



Take the medications prescribed by your dentist or physician so you can be free from a painful jaw.

Use a mouth guard

mouth guard

If you have a mouth guard, wear it as prescribed to ease the stress and pressure of having your teeth rub against one another (which causes your jaw to become painful).

Give your jaw a rest

TMJ rest

Let your jaw rest by avoiding opening your mouth too wide, yawning, or eating hard/chewy food items. Stick to a soft diet so you will not put too much stress on your jaw joint.

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