5 Healthier Alternatives to Holiday Food/Dishes

December 13th, 2014LIFE and SmilesComments:0

You can still enjoy food during the holiday season, without packing on the pounds and exposing your teeth to dental problems due to too much sugar, carbohydrates, and high-acidity beverages.

Popcorn and pretzels


Enjoy parties as you munch on crunchy plain popcorn and pretzels, which are healthier alternatives to potato chips and cheese sticks.

Sip your Cider

cider holidays

Spiced cider is a lighter alternative to eggnog, which is packed to the brim with sugar and cholesterol.


Choose your Steak Wisely

steak holidays

You can celebrate with steak using a tenderloin cut, instead of the prime rib – which comes from the fattest portion of a cow’s body.

Steam or grill seafood, without the rich sauces

seafood holiday

Make your seafood feast healthier by steaming or grilling, and drizzle with lemon, garlic, or olive oil. Avoid drenching the food with rich gravy or heavy sauces.

A Turkey Centerpiece

roast turkey

Make your holiday feast centerpiece a roast turkey, which is a healthier alternative to pot roast with gravy.

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