5 Habits to Avoid to Keep your Teeth Safe

You might not think that these habits are harming your teeth, but you may be increasing your risk of dental injuries if you don’t stop doing these immediately.

Chewing on ice


Chewing on ice may be satisfying, but your teeth may be damaged or chipped if you don’t stop doing this.

Teeth grinding

teeth grinding

Grinding your teeth can cause premature enamel erosion, and may cause sensitivity issues and teeth damage. This habit can also harm your jaw joint.

Drinking soda


The high sugar content of and high acidity of soda make it very harmful to teeth if it is consumed heavily, or in a regular basis.

Gummy candy addiction

gummy candies

Gummy candies can especially be harmful because they stick to teeth surfaces, exposing the enamel to sugar for a longer period of time.

Using teeth as tools

teeth as tools

Opening packages, cutting tape, unscrewing bottle caps – these are tasks that need scissors or other tools, not your teeth!

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