5 Factors that Increase the Risk of Sensitive Teeth

October 15th, 2015DENTAL PREVENTIONComments:0

The following are some of the factors that increase the risk of the development of sensitive teeth.

Tooth damage

damaged teeth

A broken or chipped tooth is more likely to be infected with bacteria, which can lead to pain and sensitivity.

Tooth decay

tooth decay img

Decay especially close to the gum line can lead to sensitive teeth.

Brushing teeth too hard

tooth brush

Aggressive tooth brushing can prematurely wear down the enamel and expose the sensitive inner portion of the tooth.

Acidic food and beverages


Tooth enamel can also be worn down by regular consumption of highly acidic food & drinks, such as tea, soda, and citrus fruits/juices.

Gum disease

gum treatment

Gum disease that leads to recession can expose the roots of the teeth, causing pain and sensitivity.

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