5 Dental Treatments Used to Close Teeth Gaps

The gap or space between teeth is called diastema. This can occur anywhere in the mouth, and does not only involve the front teeth. Listed below are the dental treatments used to solve this problem.


dental veneers

These porcelain caps can be used to quickly and effectively close gaps between teeth.

Dental crowns

dental crown

A crown is sometimes used to enlarge a tooth, resulting in the closing of spaces between teeth.

Orthodontic braces

dental braces ortho

Teeth gaps can also be closed using

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braces, which will move the neighbouring the teeth to fill in the space.

Dental implants

implants close gap

Gaps caused by tooth loss are solved using an implant treatment at Life Dental Implants. A dental crown or a fixed dental bridge will be attached to the implants to restore the normal form and function of the smile.

Gum treatment

gum disease treatment

Spaces in between teeth which are caused by gum problems are addressed through the use of gum treatments.