5 Dental Problems that Make you Look Old

September 29th, 2015LIFE and SmilesComments:0

Dental problems have a number of adverse effects on your health and appearance. Here are some of the conditions that particularly make you look older than your actual age.

Missing teeth

missing teeth

Tooth loss, regardless of the number of teeth missing, can instantly make you look much older.

Stained teeth

stained teeth

Teeth that are yellow, stained, and dark add years to your appearance.

Decayed/damaged teeth

tooth decay

Teeth that are damaged and badly decayed make your smile look very old and unhealthy.

Gum recession

gums swollen

When gums recede, more of your teeth structure is exposed. The teeth will take on an abnormally elongated appearance that can make your smile much older-looking.

Loose dentures

dentures meal time

Dentures that do not fit tightly or comfortably have a tendency to move unexpectedly. Loose dentures will definitely make you look much older than your actual age.

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