5 Conditions Detected through Dental X-Rays

November 9th, 2014Oral Health CareComments:0

Dental x-rays are used to obtain images of a patient’s teeth, oral cavity, and the surrounding tissues. These images are beneficial in detecting and diagnosing various dental concerns, such as:

Tooth decay

damaged teeth

Decay or damage on teeth may sometimes not be readily visible through a dental examination. Dental x-rays will be able to detect decay, even under existing dental fillings.

Damaged tooth filling

dental fillings

Cracks or breaks in a tooth filling can be seen through images from a dental x-ray.

Tooth root problems

root problems

Infections or damage to the tooth’s root will be detected through an x-ray of the oral cavity.

Jawbone deterioration

digital radiography

Bone thinning resulting from long-term tooth loss or severe gum disease can be seen with the help of a dental x-ray image.

Dental treatment preparation

digital image implants

Preparation for different dental treatments such as dental implants, orthodontics, or dentures will be made more precise with the help of dental xrays.

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