5 Common Myths about your Teeth

How much do you know about your teeth? Here are some common myths regarding teeth and dental health in general.

Dental fillings will have to be replaced eventually

teeth fillings

The fillings will need to be replaced only if it is damaged, or if a cavity forms around it. Otherwise, a person can enjoy the same tooth filling for life if the restoration stays healthy and problem-free.

Applying aspirin on the tooth can relieve pain

painful tooth

Placing aspirin directly on the tooth can actually cause a burning sensation on the gums. Aspirin can relieve tooth pain – but only if you take it as orally as a medication.

A sensitive tooth means you have tooth decay

sensitive teeth (2)

You can have tooth sensitivity without having tooth decay. The sensitivity can be the result of gum recession, root exposure, or teeth that are extremely sensitive.

You will know if you have a cavity

tooth decay

The mildest forms of tooth cavities will not have symptoms. You may already have cavities even if you do not feel any pain or discomfort. Going for a dental checkup can confirm the presence (or absence) of dental cavities.

Cavities are the main reason for a root canal treatment

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A root canal treatment is needed when the nerve inside the tooth is damaged, and the pulp is infected. A root treatment may be needed even if there is no tooth decay, but there is nerve damage due to trauma to the tooth and other structural damage.

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