5 Common Dental Problems affecting Pregnant Women

September 10th, 2015Oral Health CareComments:0

Pregnancy brings about a host of hormonal changes, which affect the whole body. Here are the most common dental problems that affect pregnant women.

Gum disease

pregnancy dental care

The hormonal changes make pregnant women more susceptible to bacterial attacks, which can harm the gums. It is important to follow good oral hygiene habits during pregnancy to avoid the so-called “pregnancy gingivitis”.

Tooth decay

tooth decay

Food cravings, especially for sweet treats, make pregnant women more prone to tooth decay development. Good oral hygiene will play a key role in maintaining a healthy smile throughout the pregnancy.

Sensitive teeth

sensitive teeth pain

Craving acidic food items is common during pregnancy, and these foods can wear away the teeth enamel, causing sensitivity. Morning sickness with vomiting can also expose the teeth to harmful stomach acids.

Dry mouth

dry mouth

Dry mouth is fairly common during the early part of the pregnancy. The hormonal changes can cause a decrease in saliva production, resulting to a parched mouth feeling.

Excessive Saliva

saliva excess

On the other hand, some pregnant women feel that their mouths are sometimes full of saliva. This feeling can lead to discomfort and may be accompanied by nausea.

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