5 Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are those situations that call for the immediate attention of a dentist. Listed below are the most common dental emergencies, and what you can do while on the way to see your dentist.

  1. Severe Tooth Pain

severe tooth pain

Cold compress placed on the cheek may help lessen the pain. If food stuck in between teeth and the gums is causing the toothache, you can try brushing your teeth or dislodging the food piece with dental floss.

  1. Lost Dental Filling

lost filling

Sugar-free gum can be used to temporarily close the cavity left by the lost tooth filling.

  1. Knocked-Out Tooth

knocked out tooth

Keep the knocked-out tooth clean and avoid touching its root. This tooth still has a chance of being placed back in the socket, if it is seen by a dentist within an hour of being knocked out.

  1. Lost Dental Crown


Toothpaste or denture adhesive may be used to temporarily attach the crown in place.

  1. Soft Tissue Injury

soft tissue injury

Injuries to soft tissue (from accidents, or sports-related  injuries) often involve bleeding. Apply pressure with a clean piece of gauze on the area, and go to an emergency dentist right away.

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