5 Common Causes of Jawbone Deterioration

February 4th, 2015Oral Health CareComments:0

Jawbone deterioration causes negative effects on both the form and function of the facial structure, and the smile. Here are the most common causes of jawbone thinning or bone deterioration.

Missing teeth

dental implants

Tooth roots are lost with missing teeth. When tooth roots go missing, the jawbone will not have the stimulation it needs to maintain good bone structure, and will start to deteriorate.


facial injury facial trauma

When a tooth is knocked out due to trauma, the tooth roots go missing as well. The loss of natural tooth roots causes the jawbone to deteriorate.

Denture use

implants dentures

Removable dentures replace the missing teeth, but do not address the loss of the natural tooth roots. Long-term denture use leads to jawbone thinning.

Severe teeth misalignment

jawbone thinning crooked teeth

Crooked teeth will grind abnormally against the teeth on the opposite jaw. As a result, the jawbone is subjected to extreme force. This continuous and excessive force can harm the jawbone, and can lead to bone deterioration.

Severe gum problem

gum disease

Severe gum disease affects the jawbone underneath, causing the bone to lose its healthy structure and slowly deteriorate.

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