5 Common Causes of Dental Fear

Dental fear is experienced by countless people worldwide. This fear of dentists is a major factor why regular dental checkups, and dental treatments, are avoided by patients. The result is poor dental health, and dental problems that have developed into more serious issues.

What causes dental fear? Here are some of the most common reasons why anxious patients are afraid of going to the dentist:

  1. Fear of Pain

fear of pain

The fear of going through a painful experience is one of the major causes of dental phobia.

  1. Embarrassment


The embarrassment of letting a dentist see the condition of their teeth causes nervous patients to avoid going to the dentist altogether.

  1. Previous Bad Experiences

previous bad experience

Previous negative experiences with going to the dentist for treatments can make a patient nervous, and try to avoid going through the same experience again.

  1. Unsympathetic or Uncaring Dentists

uncaring dentist

A patient who was treated by an uncaring or unsympathetic dentist may find it difficult to go for dental treatments again – even if it is with a new dentist.

  1. Fear of the Dental Drill

dental drill

The noise and vibrations that the dental drill makes can heighten a person’s nervousness.

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