5 Causes of Dental Implant Infection

Dental implants are ideal solutions to missing teeth – and just like natural teeth, they can also be infected. Here are the things that can cause dental implant infection:

Poor oral hygiene

poor oral hygiene

Plaque can accumulate in the area surrounding an implant if proper oral hygiene habits are not followed.


dental infection control

If the implant has been contaminated during the surgery, it can become infected. Improper sterilisation techniques may also lead to contamination.

Improper fit

dental implant fit

Implants that are not properly placed may leave a space between the implant itself and the bone, which can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Poor implant quality

quality control

Low quality implants can also leave a space between the artificial tooth root and the bone, attracting bacteria that can lead to an infection.

Problems with teeth restorations


Teeth restorations that do not have the right size or fit against the implants can lead to the development of an infection or inflammation in the implant area.

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