5 Bad Habits that Harm your Teeth

Are you guilty of these bad habits that may be hurting your smile?

Sucking on acidic fruits


Sucking on lemons or other acidic fruits can erode your tooth enamel prematurely, which can lead to more serious dental problems.

Habitual teeth or jaw clenching

teeth clench


If you often clench your teeth or jaw, you increase your risk of damaging your teeth. You are also more susceptible to injuring your jaw.

Using your Teeth as a Tool

teeth as tools

Do you use your teeth to open packages, cut tape, or open bottle tops? It is time to stop these habits, which can seriously harm your teeth.

Brushing your teeth too hard

toothbrush hard

Brushing too vigorously can prematurely erode your teeth enamel.

Biting on non-food items

bite nonfood

Biting on pens, the tip of your eyeglasses, jewelry, or even on your nails can damage your teeth.

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