4 Tips to Ease Morning Sickness

Here are some things you can do to ease the discomfort of morning sickness so you can enjoy your pregnancy with bigger smiles, and with better comfort.

Know your triggers – and stay away from them

sickness trigger

Take note of the things that trigger your morning sickness. If a certain smell makes you feel sick, you can plan on avoiding these scents if possible, at least until after you give birth.

Get plenty of rest

pregnancy rest

Your body may be telling you that you do not get enough rest. Make sure you have a comfortable, restful night of sleep so you can wake up refreshed in the morning.

Brush teeth to remove any unpleasant taste

pregnant brushing

Brush your teeth to remove any unwanted taste inside your mouth. However, please take note that pregnant women are more prone to gum disease during pregnancy. Make sure that you brush your teeth carefully so you avoid injuries to your gums.

Have food within easy reach

pregnancy food

If you are feel sick from the time you get up from bed, try to settle your stomach by munching on something before you stand up and start walking around. You can keep something to munch on by your bedside table so you can easily reach for the food when you wake up. Nibbling on small amounts of food all throughout the day can help ease the sick feeling.

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